around the japan on motorcycle

I was ritired the company.(mar/31/2014)

There are plenty of places I have never visited.  How much do you know about Japan, including yourself?  I would like to go to Japan as much as possible.

From Tokyo, in the clockwise direction, basically go around the seaside, attack against the other side, I want to try literally around Japan. What kind of scenery / delicious things · contacts / adventure are there? I'm looking forward.

●Basic plan before departure

①Superb view:
It attacks the east, west, north and south of the mainland of Japan · It runs. Take a picture.

② Delicious items:
Eat delicious foods occasionally.

③ Contact:
Listen to the stories and beliefs of various people.

④ Adventure:
 Take a cheap journey (homeless / free camp site), about 2 months · 400,000 yen?



●Results and outlines when I went round Japan

around japan summary


Plan①:We will attack · east, west, north and south (mainland) of mainland Japan · run. Take a picture.


Northernmost tip(Hokkaido/soya cape) Easternmost extremity(Hokkaido/Nosappu cape)
Northernmost tip(Hokkaido/soya cape) Easternmost extremity(Hokkaido/Nosappu cape)
Westmost end(Nagasaki/Kanzakibana) Southernmost point(Kagoshima/Sata cape)
Westmost end(Nagasaki/Kanzakibana)  Southernmost point(Kagoshima/Sata cape)

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Plan②:Eating something delicious once in a while.


Simple items other than delicious items. High things also got excited and ate!

Hokkaido/Yubari melon Shikoku/Sirasu bowl
Hokkaido · Yubari Mellon Shikoku · Shira-to
Aomori/Ohma/Sushi Kyoto/Kaiseki cooking
Aomori · Oma port · Assorted genuine gruel platter Kyoto · river bed · Kyo-kaiseki

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Plan③:Listen to stories and beliefs of various people.

Result②:I met a variety of people and heard stories. 

Izu/rider house vagrant Hokkaido/BUNBUN house
Izu · Rider house · Bagrant Hokkaido · Houjou-cho area Fureai Museum · Bunbun House
Hokkaido/rider house Ryosinomise Hokkaido/Meeting acomodation
Hokkaido · rider house · fisherman's shop Hokkaido · Kobebe town · HOSTEL encounter lodging

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Plan④:I'm going on a trip (a stadium / free campsite), about 2 months · 400,000 yen?

Result④:Despite doing camping / camping, it became an internet cafe life without continuing.64 nights 65 days · 600,000 yen!

Camp/Hamana lake side camp site Camp/Omaezaki marin park
Camp · Lake Hamana · Nagisaen Campsite Camp · Omaezaki Marine Park
Shikoku/homeless by park Shikoku/homeless of fery turminal
Homeless / Tosashimizu Homeland · Yawatahama Port · Ferry Pier

free spaceFrom Saitama · Tokyo to Shikoku around (it was fun) because it was fun (cheap) because it was camp-oriented, human beings get tired (outdoor, sometimes it's fun to do), searching and booking becomes troublesome.

If you go to town, it is easy to jump into a certain Internet cafe and it depends on it.

around japan cost summary

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●Things that I was good to go.

The scenery in Japan is beautiful no matter where you go. (If the weather is fine)
●Friends (talk, meal) between local people and travelers are interesting.
●Hokkaido is different. I understand that I want to go many times, such as scenery, the number of travelers.
●Whatever the news you see, you can think like "Oh, that area!"
●Even if I look at any criminal drama (startling slamming scene / final confession scene), "I came to think that it was over there."
●Sense of accomplishment

●Do you also want to go around Japan?

No thank you. It was fun, but it also cost me money and I am tired. I think that it is good to go around Japan once at a lifetime event. However, there were quite a few places I wanted to go and see again. Would it be easier to go by spot.

This time, I have not been to Okinawa and I would like to go again to Hokkaido!

In any case, traveling is personal freedom.

I think that I want to go and see, if there is a chance, I think I should go and see.

It is surely interesting. I do not know until I try!


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