■Maintenance and equipment of the motorcycle

Breakdown and trouble at the destination may be to stop traveling, so let's do maintenance properly before departure. Also, you should equip the items necessary for long-term tooling in advance.

●Basic inspection point

It is not an unusual check and maintenance. It is important to keep the basic maintenance of the bike properly

Inspection location Inspection contents and items to be noted
Front and rear tires Since it runs a little around 20,000 kilometers around Japan, let's also prepare to exchange tires on the way. However, since cracks are dangerous, they are exchanged immediately. Since wear tires are dangerous on rainy days, judge as appropriate. Since the tire pressure affects fuel consumption, be sure to set it to the specified value.
Brake pad Like the tire is the most important part. Life is on board. Let's exchange early.
air cleaner Like tire pressure, it directly leads to fuel economy. It is clever to change it earlier.
engine oil Although it is necessary to exchange at the destination, we will change it at about the prescribed value.
chain Be sure to clean and lubricate it. I think that lubrication is necessary even during the trip.
Retrofitting of each part When riding a motorcycle, there are things that surprising parts unexpectedly loose and it is easy to hurry. If it is a motorcycle that you are tinkering with yourself, check it out if each part is not loose.



●Equipment for motorcycles during long-term touring

●Tooling bags

· Rear case - Since valuable items (single lens reflex, PC etc) are locked
· Side bag ~ Camping equipment on the left and right

Tooling bags

· Knapsack - clothing etc
· Tank back ~ Towel · Map · Kappa etc.

Tank bag

※ The above was quite heavy. I think there is about 60 kg.


●Bike navigation and power supply

Navi for motorcycles was sold, but it is quite expensive. A smartphone is enough. However, it will be impossible for rainy days.

A power supply is essential for charging a smartphone / digital camera. ETC also needs cigar socket type mouth.

●Motorcycle ETC

It is a policy that does not ride on a highway, but I took it because there are cases where I need to ride and need to ride. It is ETC bought at Yahoo auction and not attached to the motorcycle. Place it on top of the tank bag only when you use it and connect it to the cigar lighter power supply.


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■Equipment / belongings (maintenance supplies)

Around Japan will be a long trip for more than a month. I do not know what kind of trouble / trouble you will encounter. What kind of preparations should be made in order to prevent stopping by circulation or repairing around Japan?

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