■Equipment / belongings (camping equipment)

If you are a car such as a minivan, you can load whatever you want to use without thinking anything. However, in bikes the amount to be loaded is limited. It is necessary to choose a compact thing for one person.

Also, the following are items prepared before departure, but actually did you use it? ] And the reason is added after going home. Although I think that opinions differ depending on the style of travel and individuals, I think that it is a real experience and will be helpful.

One person tent

One tent that tatami becomes quite small. It is indispensable to protect yourself from insects in camping / homeless camps. I remember having bought it for 5 to 6 thousand yen for a long time (10 years?).

One person tent

【Did you use it? 】 ○ It used well.

It is a must for homes and camps. Because the weather is nice, we can not understand what you are going to do if you sleep while opening your mouth with a sleeping bag alone without setting up a tent.

The mountain area is a treasure trove of snakes, centipedes, snakes, moths and other insects that fly greatly in the sky and the sky. I reaffirmed that the aim of the tent is not rain / wind, but a pair, small creature.

Centipede attached to the tent

●Sleeping bag

I bought it at the same time as the above tent. I think that this was also between 5 and 6 thousand yen. Even in summer, if it is a campsite with a high altitude the morning temperature will be 11 degrees Celsius so it is essential.

Sleeping bag

【Did you use it? 】 ◎ I used it very well.

Depending on the location, it is cold in the morning, even in the summer, very often used at campgrounds and rider houses.

Also, the summer Internet cafe is very cold. (Personal computer · TV's heat radiation.Man's own electric power generation = air conditioning bottle = throws / blankets but it is cold It was used well in the internet cafe.

It is pretty cold here. Although I also had a blanket, I sleep in a sleeping bag.




Single-use stove (Logos Fire Fighting Base BBQ Stove Pyramid Grill · Compact)

After camping, I would like to try something with charcoal. It sells a lot for it for the family, but few for one person.

While small, a bonfire after meal is also possible. Also, charcoal is bulky so I will buy it near the site. It is also not fully used up with 3 kg of charcoal which it sell well at home centers and it becomes a baggage. It is best to search for a 1 kg product at a 100 yen shop.

Logos Fire Fighting Base BBQ Stove Pyramid Grill / Compact

【Did you use it? 】 ○ It used well.

The camp is charcoal and fire. The steak cooked with charcoal was delicious.

Steak cooked with charcoal was delicious

●Burner (Iwatani cassette gas junior burner) and plywood board

Unlike charcoal stove, it is convenient to boil coffee and cup noodles boiled hot water a little. Point is to be cassette cylinder type. You can buy cassette cylinders at convenience stores nationwide.

Also, if you use it on a campsite, sandy beach it is unstable so I took a little veneer.

Burner (Iwatani cassette gas junior burner) and plywood board

【Did you use it? 】 ◎ I used it very well.

It is compact and convenient. I used it not only for camping but also for rider house. Boil water a little for a cup ramen, drink coffee.

Iwatani cassette gas junior burner

●Burner - Torch

It is hard to light a charcoal with a lighter / newspaper. Mandatory items for fire making.

Burner - Torch

【Did you use it? 】 ○ It used well.

Without this, the charcoal will not catch fire. Required. The camp is charcoal and flame.

Burn the charcoal with a burner

Light (LED lantern)

Even if it is not a campground, the light is a life including night driving. Therefore, while keeping things like handwriting, you need lanterns for camping as well.

Light (LED lantern)

【Did you use it? 】 ○ I often used it

It is indispensable to eat in the campsite at night. Also, I am afraid to sleep with a dark cloud in a tent. I went to sleep with 1 or 2 out of 4 pieces to be removed hanging inside the tent and leaving it.

Light (LED lantern)

●Table (Captain Stag / Aluminum Rollover)

A flat space is absolutely necessary at the campground. In the last camp, the veneer of the same size (50 cm × 50 cm) was enough. I got lost a little, but this person will feel better. If you fold it down, it will be smaller so let's take it.

Table (Captain Stag / Aluminum Rollover)

【Did you use it? 】 ○ It used well.

Physically it is enough with plywood, but the atmosphere is good and it was convenient a little expensive.

Table (Captain Stag / Aluminum Rollover)

Pan · Frying pan

Boil hot water and drink coffee or ramen noodles. Also, become a dish of charcoal grilled items. Stir-fry is also possible. It is bulky to buy at each, but such a set is compact with one pot.

Pan · Frying pan

【Did you use it? 】 ○ It used well.

It can also be used as a dish. But I do not enter four. There should be two of pan and pan. I also baked hamburger steak.

Steam hamburger steak

Kitchen knife · chopping board

Let's cooking. Cooking in a campsite is fun. What shall we make? It is like a case, but its backside has become a cutting board.

Kitchen knife · chopping board

【Did you use it? 】 × × Do not use it once.

I had another knife and I would not do such a painlessly cooking. Bulky, I sent back to my parents house on the way.

Egg Case

You can put melting egg on dinner pan, and again it will be an egg in the morning! I think that egg - hung rice and eggs boiled on the previous day are absolutely delicious. Raw eggs at convenience stores and supermarkets sell at least 4 to 6 pieces. So this is necessary.

Egg Case

【Did you use it? 】 × × Do not use it once.

It's summer but I can not carry eggs. Eggs for breakfast? I will not do such a troublesome thing. Bulky, I sent back to my parents house on the way.

●Soft cooler box

It is impossible for an ordinary (hard type) cooler box with a motorcycle. A compact soft cooler box is convenient when not in use. What shall I buy at the supermarket?

Soft cooler box

【Did you use it? 】 × not used.

I buy only the amount that can be eaten near the campground. (Do not save) bulky and sent back to my parents house on the way.

Side stand pad

The campground is basically a turf. Since the side stand of the bike is thin, it falls into the lawn and falls. It is this pad to prevent it.

Side stand pad

【Did you use it? 】 ○ I often used it.

It cracks in veneers and heavy in metal. Such a dedicated thing is good. I could use it on a sandy beach.

Side stand pad

●Insect repellent / mosquito coil incense

It will be necessary at the campground. I will bring it.

Insect repellent / mosquito coil incense

【Did you use it? 】 ◎ I used the mosquito coil incense well. (Do not use insect repellent.)

As the wind is blowing in the campground, mosquito coil incense at barbecue Q is meaningless. However, it is necessary to put in the tent before going to bed. If there are mosquitoes in the tent, I can not go to the ground. Therefore, we do not need a container of mosquito coil, it is ok if there is only a short amount of short pokipoki.


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■Equipment / belongings (clothing, daily necessities)

Round of Japan = long travel = adventure. It is a waste to buy at the travel destination when you are in need of being at home. What is necessary?

Power strip



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