■Cost around Japan

Someday I'd like to try it around Japan. In the meantime I understand that you need a free time of over a month, but how much money do you need?

●Total amount circulated around Japan

I went there. One round. The necessary money is proportional to the way of traveling (the required number of days). I myself was not short, I went around around medium (65 days) without a long time. The total cost is ...

Total amount 591,497yen(9,100yen/day)


Sometimes I did luxury, but basically I was going to save mode but it would cost a lot.

A trip around Japan will cost 50% for food and accommodation expenses. That is to say that it is proportional to the number of days of travel.



●Cost analysis (confirmation of details) (JPY)

Let's start by thinking after looking at the details. You can see the trip of travel by looking at this details even after.

Cost analysis (confirmation of details) (JPY)

●What will it cost to win around Japan? Accommodation cost (JPY)

Food and beverage expenses and luxury goods (cigarettes / liquor) will cost even if you live your usual life. It is accommodation expenses that is different from usual on a long trip called Japan round.

Students and those who say "Challenge to Anna" should aim for reduction here.

What will it cost to win around Japan? Accommodation cost (JPY) 

· From Tokyo to Shikoku, camping enthusiasts traveled safely, but after Kyushu it became a net cafe life.

· Business hotel · Minshuku came in a rural area without heavy rain · internet cafe without any inconvenience.

自由空間Tips for using internet cafe

Internet cafe was easiest, but it is quite expensive when entering evening and going late in the morning. There were times when it exceeded 3,000 yen.

The tips on Internet cafe use will come in late, get out early, and fit in an 8 hour pack. That way you can stay at around 1,500 yen.

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●Food and beverage expenses (JPY)

Food and beverage expenses (JPY) 

I smoked sushi, crab, kyoto kaiseki cuisine for about 6,000 yen / 1 occasionally in order to put out a sharp object.

Bento at noodle shop or combination in the day. In the evening, food of convenience store supermarket. I did not do much luxury, but it takes quite a bit more than eating out.

I think that there are many people who cut down here (meal expenses) around Japan, but since it is not training, let's enjoy the local items cheaply with at least the super food ingredients!

Eating expenses are not reduced much even if it is cut down, it is not fun.

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Luxury goods (tobacco · liquor) (JPY)

Luxury goods (tobacco · liquor) (JPY) 

Well, it is people.

There was also a drinking party with acquaintances, but basically it is a convenience store super can's beer and paper pack shochu.

I wrote scribbled notes of somewhere rider house, "Travel is drinking!

Talk about riders' houses and cheap accommodation, talk about strangers, drinking stupid stories, good places in the area, delicious things.

Sounds good. It was fun. It was a good memory. I think sake is an interaction tool. "Traveling is drinking!

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●Fuel cost · Maintenance (JPY)

Fuel cost · Maintenance (JPY) 

· Fuel cost: I did not run too far and I felt like this


Before departure I was ready to change the tire, but it does not take much.

Repair (trouble) breakdown of 28,000 yen

· Purchase of parts for self-loss accident recovery: 17,000 yen
(Left mirror, left and right blinker anterior and posterior, left clutch lever root, left step)

· Engine stop (plug replacement) 2,000 yen × 1 time

· Flat tire repair: 2,000 yen × 1 time

· Oil change · 4,000 yen × 1 time

· Chain adjustment · 2,000 yen × 2 times = 8,000 yen

· Grip breakage · Exchange · 3,000 yen × 1 time

Purchasing supplies (breakdown of 13,000 yen)

· Replacing the helmet · 8,000 yen × 1 time

· Helmet lock holder: 1,500 yen × 1 time

· Digital camera fixing bracket: 4,000 yen × 1 time

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Others are some kind of garbage. Living expenses that occur in everyday living and expenses related to sightseeing. It is a minimum expense since I am traveling around Japan.

However, there are caveats. It is called admission fee, admission fee, admission fee and obligation fee. Their unit price will be 500 yen to 1,500 yen.

I decided from the beginning of the trip "I will not enter there unless there is much thing!" If you enter all of them around Japan, it will be hundreds of thousands.

I thought that I would like to eat delicious items accordingly.

Where you went for a fee is Nagoya Castle or Hakodate Ropeway. As a way of thinking, I feel like "I want to see here by my death!".


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