■A delicious meal

It is not much gourmet. I think things to eat are the best when I get hungry. It is not a price. What was good in a round of Japan? What I remembered was cheap and simple.

●No1 Hokkaido Yubari Melon

Yubari Mellon (300 yen) I ate in the service area close to Yubari on the highway in Hokkaido. It was rather sweet. It's yellow to the edge of the skin!

The weather was nice and it was hot and it was thirsty and I tried it! It is!

Hokkaido Yubari Melon


●No2 Kouchi Sirasu bowl

Shirasu bowl (650 yen) I ate at the Kochi Road Station. I think that it is not a special product of Kochi, it seemed to be everywhere, but I was hungry and I was fine if I put on my own rice crackers.

Like a dog, she devoured it at once.

Kouchi Sirasu bowl


●No3 Omaezaki Baked Corn

Raw corn from the ordinary Hokkaido bought at the supermarket near the campground (200 yen). The skin was covered. While drinking beer, brew soy sauce and bake it with charcoal fire. It is already good at this point (smell).

Omaezaki Baked Corn


●No4 Hokkaido Nemuro Ohotuku Ramen

Take a ramen boom in recent years, how much has it gotten accustomed to ramen & salty noodles (tonkotsu / seafood) & salty ramen? Okhotskuramen (600 yen) I ate at the souvenir shop of Nayashimpo Cape.

It is rustic, the brains say "nostalgic". It smelled faintly with the hints of the ocean, it was delicious. I did not want to drink water at a later time.

Hokkaido Nemuro Ohotuku Ramen


●No5 Shizuoka Sashimi of Cherry shrimp

Cherry shrimp sashimi (224 yen) sold at supermarket near Lake Hamana campsite. Even though it is not boiling it is red. It is truly a cherry tree shrimp.

I bought a little soy sauce and ate it. My body (tail) was firmly sweet and I was a little bit salty with limbs sharpening.

Shizuoka Sashimi of Cherry shrimp


●No6 Kanazawa Raw Oyster

Hanging around Kanazawa · Omi-machi market drinking beer. The raw oysters stopped in the eye. huge. And it is quite expensive (800 yen). There was no fishy smell, it was delicious.

Kanazawa Raw Oyster



■What was expensive

Because I went to the place with a great deal, there are things I tried desperately. Of course it was delicious, but there were bad timing (not hungry · drinking too much, etc.) and it did not match the above one.


●Kyoto · River Bed · Kyoto Kaiseki & Sushi (6,800 yen / course)

The riverbed of Kyoto which the juniors had made reservation. It was the first time for a river, and there was a high image, but it seems unlikely, but 3 courses of 4,800 yen, 5,800 yen, 6,800 yen.

I am impatient so I went around at 6,800 yen! Foolishness of beer to the comfort of river bed · · · taste of cooking? I think it was probably delicious.

Kyoto · River Bed · Kyoto Kaiseki & Sushi (6,800 yen / course)

Kyoto · River Bed · Kyoto Kaiseki & Sushi (6,800 yen / course)


Aomori, Oma, tuna scarf (5,800 yen / single item)

I went to a sushi restaurant near Aomori and Oma Airport. Before that, we cooked breakfast at Hakodate's health land (AM 8: 00). It was 11:00 when I got on the ferry and got to the Great.

The shopkeeper says "If Ginza, 20,000 yen will do, cheap!" He said. It certainly is delicious.

Aomori, Oma, tuna scarf (5,800 yen / single item)


Sapporo · Crab Plow (4,800 yen / single item)

I went to the head office of "Kanzo" near Sapporo station. Great wonder. It is likely to eat as it is. It was sweet and tasty.

There was a giant shrimp in the shell of the latter crab. Of course, I sprinkle sake ... but I am not good at fishy smell. Why does everyone say that this is good?

Sapporo · Crab Plow (4,800 yen / single item)

Sapporo · Crab Plow (4,800 yen / single item)


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