■Equipment / belongings (clothing, daily necessities)

Round of Japan = long travel = adventure. It is a waste to buy at the travel destination when you are in need of being at home. What is necessary?

After returning home 【Whether you used it? 】 Is filled in.

●Rain gear / Winter clothing

Although it is scheduled for June to July, the temperature of the morning is less than 15 degrees even in the summer at high altitude campgrounds. Therefore, although it is thin, I take a jumper. Kappa is natural. I think that things of about 10,000 yen with strong resistance to rain and cold weather are good.

Rain gear / Winter clothing

【Did you use it? 】 ◎ I used it very well.

Even in summer it is very cold in the mountains in the night and along the seaside. Hokkaido was cold even in summer = I often wore kappa because of cold weather even though it was not raining.

Also, when clothes and legs get soaked in the rain, they are totally stolen. Kappa was the correct answer for more than 10,000 yen.

cape nosappu

●Clothing / Underwear / Shoes

About 4 pieces of trainer and long sleeves / semi shirt shirt for cold weather. Underwear (pants / socks) is about 3 days worth. Shoes are ordinary shoes.

Convenience stores around Nishinizawa

【Did you use it? 】 ◎ Of course I used it often ...

It's enough if you have 3 underwear. I wash in the middle.

Shoes were surprising. It was a no idea about shoes.

It will naturally be scattered if it rains. The soles of the soles of the soles! I felt sick when I was scattered for a long time, and I felt sick. Waterproof rider boots or rain boots cover is necessary.

I got a limit on the way and bought boots with a coma.

Buy a long guzzle with home centar



●folding umbrella

Sometimes we stop sightseeing bikes and walk sightseeing! And there will be rainy days!

Disposable vinyl umbrella is difficult to put on a motorcycle. It is a waste and it's a waste!

folding umbrella

【Did you use it? 】 ○ It used quite well.

Vinyl umbrella is really a waste. You should definitely bring it. However, a little more compact thing is better.

●Water bottle

I love coffee so it would be expensive to drink canned coffee every day. Boil hot water at a campsite or rider house and put it in a water bottle and drink coffee cheaply!

Water bottle

【Did you use it? 】 × Almost used

I used it two or three times, but such a troublesome thing does not last. Most of all, it is not hot, it is not cold Such a tepid is very bad. I sent back to my parents house on the way.

Power strip

It is necessary to charge a smartphone, a digital camera, a personal computer at a rider's house and a cabin.

Power strip

【Did you use it? 】 ◎ I often used it

However, longer than 1 m is unnecessary. It is enough if 50 cm is also available. The long one is quite heavy! Important things are many mouths.

Charging · Power supply tap

●Wallet / Credit Card / Identification Documents

A purse is a life on any trip. Lost will not make it possible to return home. Therefore purses are always two folds and will always be learned. It is better to have coin purse.

Petrol may be cheaper to put in with credit card. Also, since the card may crack and become unusable, take two cards. I will bring two as well as a bank's cash card.

Wallet / Credit Card / Identification Documents

【Did you use it? 】 ◎ I used naturally well

I lost my card on the way. I will bring two cards.

Lost credit card

Convenience store point card

I made it on the way, but I should have taken it from the beginning. & Card integrated type is the best. Because in an unfortunate journey, life goes around convenience stores.

How much did you spend on a combination this time? I think that 200,000 yen has been exceeded. Credit card integrated type where points accumulate with no cashless (no change in money) is the best.

Convenience store point card

The keywords are "convenience point", "T point", gas station "system.

Identification card · Insurance card

I brought a license as a matter of course, but I should have many things to use at internet cafes and so on.

Insurance card I do not want to take too much, but there was a necessary scene. But the insurance card itself is not necessary, the insurance card number is important. Insert a memo of your insurance card number in your wallet.

Only sports


Update 2014/10/01  Plan 2014/04/10




■Equipment / belongings (smartphone, digital camera, personal computer)

Although it is a bit over when saying coverage goods, it is an event once in a lifetime, let's upload photos to blog. It should be pleasant enough to watch later. For that, what should I bring?



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