■Equipment / belongings (maintenance supplies)

Around Japan will be a long trip for more than a month. I do not know what kind of trouble / trouble you will encounter. What kind of preparations should be made in order to prevent stopping by circulation or repairing around Japan?

Also, the following are items prepared before departure, but actually did you use it? ] Is added after going home.

●basic way of thinking

In order to cope with possible troubles, it is practically impossible to mount all the tools and repair parts on the vehicle. Therefore, I would like to have the minimum maintenance items based on the following viewpoints.

· Basic tool
· Parts, supplies and preparations that can run to the nearest bike shop


●On-board tool + alpha

On-board tool + alpha

【Did you use it? 】 ○ It used well.

Loose adjustment of the mirror. Looseness of parts around the handle. Chain off and so on.

Also, I did not have the important thing. It plug wrench and spare plug. I bought it on the way.

Buy two plugs

●Clutch lever, brake lever

As repair parts, I would like to take this alone.

I do not want to think of an accident, but a lever of a single car sometimes breaks just by "standing gang" (falling out of parking condition).

If it is a right brake lever, if you follow the left clutch lever still, you will be unable to self-run from that place.

Clutch lever, brake lever

【Did you use it? I was using it.

I used it on my motorcycle accident accident. As a result, the fulcrum of the clutch lever was broken and fixed.

Surprisingly the lever did not break just by bending. Go to page 【Avoiding Troops and Destroying】

trafic accident bike damage



●Flat tire repair material

As with the clutch lever, it also becomes impossible to self-run. I do not know what is rolling on strange land.

Flat tire repair material

【Did you use it? I was using it.

I was stepping on a wood screw of about 10 cm. But I did not use it, because I brought it to the red baron and properly repaired the puncture, I did not use it. Tire Pandoor is the first aid to the last. But I thought it was necessary for the punk in the mountain.


●Chain oil

Although it is not MUST, I would like to bring this up. Around Japan runs a considerable distance. Since it is impossible to self-run after cutting the chain, I want to lubricate frequently as a preventive measure.

Chain oil

【Did you use it? 】 ○ It used well.

I regularly refueled and thought that it was feeling good, but the chain was loose, and the chain could get out of standing due to standing gobble.

I brought it to a motorcycle shop, it means "the chain is stretching." It is meaningless if the chain is stretched from the first place than the Chebbs. It is necessary to maintain proper chain before departure.

chain oil

●Gasoline carrying tank

This is slightly subtle. You can not carry much amount of carry or do not bite. There are also hands to call the road service. I have called JAF because of gas shortage in the past, but let's stop it this time.

⇒ Call JAF with gas deficiency(http://www.bike99.info/12_etc/2013/jul/jaf.html

【Did you use it? I did not use it.

I properly grasped the distance traveled and the regional situation and refueled.

But Hokkaido has abnormally few refueling stations. (The expressway was so, but the downtown is quite close to that.)

I thought it was necessary for a small bike (such as mopeds), and I had a missionary traveler.

Be careful of gas shortage


Update 2016/03/11  Plan 2014/04/23




■Equipment / belongings (camping equipment)

If you are a car such as a minivan, you can load whatever you want to use without thinking anything. However, in bikes the amount to be loaded is limited. We need to choose a compact one for one person.

Logos Fire Fighting Base BBQ Stove Pyramid Grill / Compact



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