■Let's buy bike · camping supplies online

Where do you buy motorcycle and camping equipment? I think that charcoal and ignition material just before going to the camp, a little thing is good, but you can not buy tents, stove, rear bikes such as rear BOX at home center / bike shop. Let's just see it. Let's search the net shop by looking at the price. It's surprisingly cheap.

●Price difference between actual shop front and net shop

It depends on the product, but unless it is a bargain at the real store, the net shop is cheaper.

While I was watching the actual thing, I bought a tent, a sleeping bag, a stove, a table, a chair etc. at a home center etc, I checked the price of the same thing sold at the net shop, but at the net shop It was cheap. In a sense, it was a shock. I think that the cheapness of the outdoor goods thing is the following.

Climbing specialty shop > motorcycle supplies store >
Home center > Internet shop




●Why is net shop cheaper?

· The net price is life

In short, it is "by market principle". By enriching the price comparison site and search engines such as Google, on the Internet, you can obtain information on where you are sold by how much by including product name or model number.

Therefore, the price is low on the Internet. If it is higher than the actual store or higher than the competitive net shop, things can not be sold. It is sold in a price range close to nature and the lowest price.


· Net costs less

· Net costs lessShop fee (rent, equipment maintenance fee, electricity bill), personnel expenses, advertisement fee will be generated in a real shop. I have to earn that much.

In the net shop, almost none of the above occurs. Because business is established even by light ration sale accordingly, we can make price cheap.




· The net will be delivered (big shopping is convenient)

There are many relatively large items such as camping equipment. Even without going to the meeting to go to the meeting, is not it a merit to net shopping to reach home?


●Achievements of net shop


ネットショップ実績Data is very old in 2008, but sales at supermarkets and department stores have decreased, sales at convenience stores and online shops are growing.

As of 2014 I think that it is completely reversed from the above situation. If you buy it online, it is cheap!





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■Maintenance and equipment of the motorcycle

Breakdown and trouble at the destination may be to stop traveling, so let's do maintenance properly before departure. Also, you should equip the items necessary for long-term tooling in advance.

Tank bag



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