■Overall plan of Japan's round

Let's make a whole plan for motorcycle around Japan. The whole plan is not a story about whether you want to see a detailed over there, where, how, around, what pattern to repeat? It is about a plan. Well, how long will it cost? What time should we turn around?

●Cost around Japan

I went watching blogs on the net, but if you enjoy all over the place it will be the base below.


Using bullets, using high speeds + It will not be fun at the hotel. It also costs money. Carefully finding good places on the lower road, sleeping cheaply is a precondition. Still I think that it is necessary for living expenses 300,000 yen.

Also, take a bike every day and run about 20,000 km TOTAL so let's understand that it costs money for tires and oil change.

Around Japan is not cheap. It is safe to think that it costs at least 400,000 yen even if you use a motorcycle, campsite, camping frequently.



●The optimum period of circulation around Japan is spring or autumn

The best season of touring and camping is obviously beyond winter. The best season of the high altitude campground is midsummer, the midsummer touring is also very pleasant, and midsummer is the best if you consider the campus. However, I think that in summer in the longest in Japan, midsummer is tiresome (exceeding 35 degrees every day in 2013). Since it is a long-term battle, you should choose a time when it is not hard for your body (early spring, autumn).

In April, there is still a cold day to camp. Touring including camping, GW is probably the best season.

Touring season


●Avoid rainy season

Rain is a natural enemy for a motorcycle. I think it should avoid the rainy season around Japan. Below are the average values for 2011 and 2012, it is better to think that there are some deviations.

Region Into rainy season Rainy season end
TOHOKU north June 14 July 28
TOHOKU south June 12 July 25
HOKURIKU June 12 July 24
KANTO June 08 July 21
TOKAI June 08 July 21
KINKI June 07 July 21
CHUGOKU June 07 July 21
SHIKOKU June 05 July 18
KYUSYU north June 05 July 19
KYUSYU south May 31 July 14
AMAMI May 11 June 29
OKINAWA May 09 June 23

●Time and route

From April to early May, it is warm in the daytime but still cold in the morning and evening. (The difference in temperature is fierce.) It is a bit hard to camp, so I decided to start from the middle of May.

●Concrete plan

Considering the processes / attractions, you will be troubled by this, so let's decide only the points and basics of that area. For all places, I think there is no need to make a plan in advance.

If you are watching TV in advance and say "I'm over that delicious!" About taking notes, the actual plan should be examined 3 to 7 days ago online.


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Next plan

■Comparative study of cheap accommodation places

In what way shall we sleep around Japan? If there is money, it will be a hotel or a hotel, but it is necessary for dozens of nights and inevitably cheap sleeping.



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