■Around Japan circle policy

In everything, I think policies are important to accomplish things. If it is not there, the point will be blurred, it will be a halfway trip or it will be frustrating along the way. Let's make plans after clearly specifying policies.

●What do you want to do?

First of all I would like to organize from here. In my case I think it is the following.

Bike around Japan circulation policy


●Why a motorcycle?

There are various ways to go around Japan. There are advantages and disadvantages in necessary period, cost, enjoyment of itinerary.

One-round Japan Comparison



 Bike around Japan circulation policy

 1)Do not ride at highway

Enjoy touring and relaxing. Do not spend money. Movement is not the purpose, but enjoy traveling.

 2)Frequent use of free campground and enjoying delicious things

Enjoy adventure (camping / inn) and cook delicious items here. Let's save the saved accommodation expenses to local items of lunch.

 3)Enjoy superb views, leaving in the photograph

Great view, leave something delicious in the photo, save on this site. I want to recall that "It was awesome - that was a good place!" Or "This meat was delicious!"


Sometime, let's stay at the Ryderhouse · Guesthouse. What kind of human beings are traveling considering what kind of things? I want to experience.


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Next plan

■Overall plan of Japan's round

Let's make a whole plan for motorcycle around Japan. The whole plan is not a story about whether you want to see a detailed over there, where, how, around, what pattern to repeat? It is about a plan. Well, how long will it cost? What time should we turn around?



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