■Record of the scenery and impression

Since we are going to travel around Japan carefully, I would like to be able to enjoy even the greatest scenery and happening after recording. Prepare and record the following, and leave it on your blog etc. Even when the trip is over, I will definitely stay as good memories.

●Landscape that remains in the mind: Let's take a single lens reflex

I want to leave the scenery of good feeling cleanly, not limited to superb views. To do that, you need a single lens reflex. It feels good! Let's take a picture without missing where I thought.

Landscape that remains in the mind: Let's take a single lens reflex

 I will regret absolutely later in the smart head's out of focus & portrait photo. Let's take a single lens reflex camera, or at least a compact digital camera to see a beautiful scenery!




●Happening? Snapshots: Let's always have a compact digital camera

Taking pictures with a single eye reflex is aimed at. We can not deal with happening happening on a daily basis. Therefore let's always keep the compact digital camera hanging from the neck.

Happening? Snapshots: Let's always have a compact digital camera

●Video: Let's take action cameras

Recently, things called action cameras are on the way. The way of calling has not been decided yet, it is a so-called compact video camera. Looking at those demo images is very cool.
Action camera · Demo image Go pro HERO3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3PDXmYoF5U

Because it is a bike touring, I want to leave a refreshing feeling peculiar to the motorcycle + superb view.

Video: Let's take action cameras


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Preparation around Japan

■Let's buy bike · camping supplies online

Where do you buy motorcycle and camping equipment? I think that charcoal and ignition material just before going to camp, a little thing is good, but you can not buy tents, stove, rear boy of motorcycle etc in home center · motorcycle supplies shop



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