Results of trying on a hospital, free, cheap hotel

In the original plan, I frequently used homestay, free campground, rider house etc., thought to try to travel cheaply but the result was ...

●Results of trying on a hospital, free, cheap hotel

· Saitama · From Tokyo to Shikoku somehow camping enthusiasts cheap travels were made.

· From Kyushu it became an internet cafe based accommodation (about half of 2 months).

Although not cheap a little, I do not regret it. I'm going out for a fun, I'm not a training camp or training so it's better not to be so high.



●The campsite / rider house is hard to book and find

· I am type A, but I am not good at regularly living. So jump into the campsite in the evening. In addition, campgrounds and rider houses are in the mountains and it is hard to find.

· Camping sites are often refused even if they jump in the evening. "Today's reception is closed." "I have to make a reservation by XX days ago · · ·" It was declined pretty child.

●It is troublesome to put up and clean up the tent

For occasional camps, setting up a tent and preparing meals themselves is fun, but every day ...

Tsukimiyama Campground

●Lonely and scary

There is no campsite on weekdays in June. I was alone by myself. If it is a seaside camping place, the campground in the mountain is quite lonely & scary. There were many things that I could not sleep well.

I will sleep at once

●Internet cafe is easy in the city!

There are net cafes around most prefectural capital locations. After searching with a smartphone and checking the place, you can buy sake and knob at a convenience store and jump in. It's easy.

Osaka · Sakai

The sofa seat is out of the question, but the mat seat is close to the tent size for one person, and the leg stretches out and turns over. I have TV and PC. Temperature control is also effective and no insects. You do not have to put up a tent. It is more comfortable than camping.

Osaka · Sakai

However, if you do not use it well, it may exceed 3,000 yen. It is cheap that you enter late at night and get out early in the morning. There was a lot of time when I exceeded 3,000 yen when I was drinking too much and it was ten o'clock in the morning.


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■Tip and scenery points

It is the result of going for bikes looking for the tip of Japan, the east, west, north and south, and the best view. Basically, if the weather is nice, it will be a spectacular view of any mountain or sea.

Tip and scenery points



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