■Comparative study of cheap accommodation places

In what way shall we sleep around Japan? If there is money, it will be a hotel or a hotel, but it is necessary for dozens of nights and inevitably cheap sleeping.

●Accommodation comparison

There are a lot of lodging methods necessary for traveling below. Let's choose by considering the wallet and the purpose of the trip. Also, I think that it is good to choose according to the situation of the trip and enjoy each one.

Classification Price Contents Judgment
· Ryokan
¥ 8,000
~ ¥15,000
Of course the most comfortable environment ×
Business Hotel ¥5,000 It is a comfortable environment, and it is merit that you can use the net. It is possible to make a plan using the blog updates and the internet. ×
Capsule Hotel ¥3,500 Although it is close to the sauna, I think I can sleep better. ×
Healthy Land
¥2,500 Although it is premised that it is open 24 hours, it is merit that it can surpass rain breezes, sleep in a soft place and get into a hot spring and get tired. I will put it in between the trips. However, the sauna in front of the station does not have a parking lot and it costs around 1,000 yen parking fee. Suburban health land is the best place.
cyber cafe ¥2,500 Although there is merit of being able to use the net, the basic is a reclining sofa and can not expect sleep. ×
Riderhouse ¥1,000
With a rider house it is only a tatami floor shop where we stayed at around 1,000 yen or around 2,500 yen with dinner. It is one of the pleasure of traveling that many motorcycle touring customers are able to speak sweetly.
Guest house ¥2,500 As a rider house it is a nice accommodation of a large room. It seems that there are many foreign tourists called backpackers. Like drinking and talking about getting along well with the rider house.
Paid Campsite
(Auto Site)
¥2,500 Autosite is a space that is decided to park the car and it is a thing to enjoy with the family, so the price is slightly higher. But there are many things equipped with power supply.
Paid Campsite
(Free site)
A free site is a place where the water field and the toilet are in the original state. The rider house is more comfortable if you pay the money.
Free campground ¥0 There are many campgrounds that are installed along with the parks that the municipal government does.
Mainly free sites with a water field and a toilet.
(Road station)
¥0 A camping at the road station is to stretch a tent in the parking lot and the space next to it. Sleeping on your own in the waiting space. The merit is that there is a toilet. Disadvantages can not be set up during business hours but the setting must be at night.
¥0 Sleeping with a sleeping bag on the bench of the park as well as homeless, putting up a tent. There are risks that neighborhood residents are notified near the urban area and encounter Yankee's father hunting. ×
(Mountainous region)
¥0 It is difficult to find a safe place to sleep unless it enters the forest road with an off-road bike. Also, even if there is a place there is a risk of bears and snakes. ×
(Sandy beach)
¥0 Unlike the mountains, it is easy to find. Near the beach would be nice. The risk of bears and snakes is small, the sandy beach is good.
Acquaintance's house ¥0 If you know local people, how about staying while enjoying the old tale? However, staying in a married couple's house is impossible, a single-person assignee is the target.





●Better accommodation methods

Let's think about mainly focusing on (1) free campground, ② homeless (sandy beach), ③ homestay (train station)), aiming for free for 50 to 60 nights.

Sometimes you can stay in a cheap hotel such as a sauna, rider house, guest house.

●Enter the accommodation place while you are bright!

This is an iron rule. In the past, I have entered the campground around 21:00 with a haphazard tooling. By the way it goes, something like "Do you really have such a campsite? What if the gate is closed?" The mountain road of the night is pitch black, it is really scary.

●Let's list the candidate sites around 3 days ahead!

Let's raise the candidate place up to about three days ahead so as not to run around the evening of the day as mentioned above. Then I think that it is good to go sightseeing and purchasing in the vicinity after entering into it or making a reservation.

●Search for candidate sites

Let's set the area around the candidate place of the next day around the previous day. The following methods are available for selection.

Google Map  https://www.google.co.jp/maps/

Search "free campground", "rider house", "guest house", "sauna" on the map.

HATINOSU  http://www.hatinosu.net/house/

It is published in the category of rider house, guest house, free campground.


●Free campground list http://outdoor-paradise.net/campgrounds

As its name says, a list of free campgrounds.


Update 2016/04/11  Plan 2014/04/23



Next plan

■Living (Touring) pattern

What kind of life pattern is living outdoors for dozens of days while cycling around Japan by motorcycle? If it is an office worker, it will be woken up at a fixed time on weekdays, busy to forget the days of the week, if you notice it is a weekend.



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