■Trouble list

Japan is a wonderful country. Although I was prepared to some extent, mischief / theft against motorcycles and cargo was 0.

But troubles in the trip · trouble included. Because I am riding motorcycle for two months. The following trouble occurred, but basically I felt that it was more calm than when I was in trouble and it was important to do rational countermeasures.

●Take the insurance card! Also, be careful of animals in country roads!

In a country road in Kyushu and Hirado, I bombarded himself from avoiding the "Tonbi" which flew down the street. I got on an ambulance but finished with tears and bruises. I am fortunate enough to think. The bike is broken step and the clutch lever is fixed. I bought some parts and fixed it, and it revived after five days.

Motorcycle self-loss accident

Bike Damage

Bike Damage

●Engine stop and stucking (Let's take a plug wrench and spare plug)

Early in the morning, the engine did not hang when leaving the inn. There was no power at last but it was funny. It is V twin but it seems that one died, it runs a little but it is completely stalled. It keeps turning the cell at the parking lot of the pachinko parlor. Oops. I do not have a plug wrench! I have neither hands nor legs!

Engine stop and stucking

Fortunately, there was Let Baron in about 400 meters. The rear plug is completely drenched. In addition, I had my change before. Cause is a rear cab overflow. I thought it would be recurrent I bought a spare plug. Do you buy a wrench on the way!

Spark plug



●Helmet drop falling damage (Let's treat the helmet carefully)

I stopped the bike and put the Met on the seat. If we were checking the packing, Met dropped down. It sounded like Cachan. In the touring, the shield is a life ...
The plastic screw of the shield broke. Because it is old, there was no maintenance screw and it replaced it by Met.

Helmet drop falling damage

Flat tire (Take first aid treatment punch)

I stepped on the screw. Fortunately when you notice it is worn out and the air is not missing. I ran for a while and repaired with a red baron, but what if this was leaking air in the mountains?

Flat tire (Take first aid treatment punch)

Standing falling and chain disengagement · Clutch lever bending

Because the 9,000 km runs, the chain also loosens. The chain broke off when standing upright. About that amount, I made a chain adjustment at a motorcycle store though I put it myself for the time being. I was told that at the motorbike shop "Chains are stretched out." I was asked to adjust to the back as much as possible, but then came home with anxiety.

Standing falling and chain disengagement · Clutch lever bending

Clutch lever is also smoked! I had a spare lever but I will run without changing it. Unexpectedly this bent was easy to grasp.

Clutch lever bend

●The gear does not come down from the 5th gear (let's cope calmly)

At a certain intersection in Tohoku, the gear did not come down from the 5th gear and could not start, ran into a supermarket parking lot in the neighborhood. The situation has not changed even if we park the parking lot for many weeks, but it will take gear pedals many times.

Did the gears go away? Is it no good? Do you call JAF? While thinking, if you look at the gear pedal calmly ...

There! It is loose! Such place is too loose! What a wonderful way to tighten the hexagonal bolt! The gear moved faintly.

Loose discovery of gear pedal

●Forgot to remove the credit card (Take two cards!)

I quickly thought after running for 3-40 minutes after refueling at the gas station in Osaka / Izumisano. Oh, I have not pulled out the card. There are two kinds in case of refueling with a self stand.

① Type that comes out immediately after reading the card
② Type that does not come out until refueling is over

I forgot with the latter. I wanted to return, because I had two cards, I called the card company and stopped.

Forgot to remove the credit card (Take two cards!)

●I tried to lose my wallet (double the wallet, be sure to wear one and carry with me!)

I stayed at Kagoshima's rider house, drunk sweetly and went to a nearby hot spring. I do not have a wallet when I try to go out the next day. I hurried. I have not looked for a way to a hot spring. I tried opening all my belongings. Was good. 

To lose a wallet on a round of Japan ... ... It is not possible to return home as a matter of stopping Japan around! 

Therefore ...
· Have 2 cash cards
· Let two wallets with two credit cards wear one.

I got a suicide bombing accident in Nagasaki. I carried it to a hospital with an ambulance, but I had a wallet in my pants' pocket, so I went to Sasebo by bus to buy a hospital ~ parts and bought a yakitori and stayed at an internet cafe. If I had a wallet, I thought that the dilemma would do something.


●Carefully toilet bowls are cautionary! (reference)

Putting a wallet in his pocket in the toilet will end around Japan. 

Putting a wallet in his pocket in the toilet will end around Japan.


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■Creatures list

If you run around on a motorcycle and camp, you will meet various animals. Cute things, nasty things, scary things. But that is a good memory.



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