Started from Saitama prefecture scheduled to go around Japan in a clockwise direction. First, I ran along the seas in the Miura Peninsula and the Izu Peninsula and ran along the seas in Mie prefecture via Nagoya.


●JR Tokyo Station

JR Tokyo Station

Kanagawa prefecture / Enoshima

Kanagawa prefecture / Enoshima

●Kanagawa Prefecture / Odawara Castle

Kanagawa Prefecture / Odawara Castle



●Shizuoka prefecture / Izu Iro Isaki さきっちょ

Shizuoka prefecture / Izu Iro Isaki

●Shizuoka prefecture/ Marine Park Omaezaki · Campsite

Shizuoka prefecture/ Marine Park Omaezaki · Campsite

●Aichi prefecture/ Nagoya Castle

Aichi prefecture/ Nagoya Castle

●Aichi Prefecture·/Toyota Museum

Aichi Prefecture·/Toyota Museum

●Mie Prefecture/Daio Saito

Mie Prefecture/Daio Saito


Update 2014/10/01  Visit 2014/05/19~05/27



Next itinerary

■JR Tokyo station

Departing from Saitama's home, I plan to head to Miura Peninsula, but in commemoration I took a commemorative photo of departure at JR Tokyo station. In addition, I also took a picture of Tokyo station.

Ceiling in JR Tokyo station



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