■Hamana Lake Nagisaen Camp site【07th Night】

I hung around Panda Reno on 5/25 (Sunday) morning and thought of what I should do today. It seems a little hangover, it's easy and cheap (410 yen) It is a campground so let's stay overnight. Then I took a walk around the area.

●Lake Hamana

Outside the forest of the campground, it is Lake Hamana.


It's a lake, but the sea is nearby so the tide was pulling.

Lake Hamana

I think that when the tide draws, it is a shellfish, but there are no clams and clams, there were many sharp and sharp small shells.

Lake Hamana

●Bentenjima Kaihin Park

There was Bentenjima Kaihin Park and Hotel City where we went a bit by motorbike from the camp site. It seemed that Bentenjima Kaihin Park was quite capable of playing. Bentenjima Kaihin Park http://www.bentenjima.jp/info/sea.html

Bentenjima Kaihin Park

Bentenjima Kaihin Park

Bentenjima Kaihin Park



●day trip hot spa

Walking along the beach, there is a sign of a day-trip hot spring. "Do you even enter a hot spring?"

day trip hot spring

Turning around the table, it is such a wonderful hot spring. I think that prices are also cheap and recommended for families.
開春楼 http://www.kaisyunro.com/index.htm


Ashiku? It is not. It seems that small fish will eat horny skin when putting your feet. Even so, I think that 10 minutes = 500 yen is expensive. 


The hot spring was quite large and it was a nice hot spring. (The hot springs are colorless and transparent) 



●Also camp

From the hot springs, we will get dinner at a nearby combination and return to the campsite. It seems to the purple to be something. 


On Sunday evening, the family took a memorial photo at a distant campsite. Ceiling / okay? 

memorial photo


Update 2014/08/01  Visit 2014/05/25



Next itinerary

■Okazaki · Fujikawa Inn

I ran far national highway No. 1 from the campground of Lake Hamana. Let's rest a bit? I found a beautiful road station. What is it like?

Road station · Fujikawa inn



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