■Rider house · Vagrant 【03th nights】

Did I drink too much last night? I was asleep until 11:00. It was raining today, so I planned to lose it here. Wake up and treat coffee to the owner at the main house.

●What's the matter today?

"What are you going to do today?"
"It's raining and I'm short."
"If so, since there are motts of Izu cattle received from customers, will we make boiled eggs?"




●Buy to the city at the foot of the mountain

In the rain, I went to buy at the store at the foot at the light tiger of the owner. "Lapita" written in the light tiger seems to be the name of the union of the villa. The owner purchases the foundation member for building extension at the home center. 

Buy to the city at the foot of the mountain

Boiled mochi. I guess the base is a ingredient of "Tonnage" system! Izu vegetables, the color of the carrot was beautiful. 

Boiled mochi. I guess the base is a ingredient of "Tonnage" system! Izu vegetables, the color of the carrot was beautiful.



●Make simmered beef giblets

I borrowed a kitchen. I think boiling boil is good for having become "rough" in "muggetsu". Therefore, the ingredients are greatly cut. Mots was frozen. 

simmered beef giblets

After thawing moch, wash with water. Oh, it is pretty pretty. 

simmered beef giblets

Completion It was delicious. But I wanted to simmer more. I think the leftovers of today are delicious after the next day.

simmered beef giblets

Sake the same beer as yesterday and shochu. The bottle is red but the shochu is transparent. It is also selling in Tokyo. Start drinking. 

Sake the same beer


●Participating in the neighborhood (people near the Izukogen homes district)

The neighborhood owner (owner of the villa) with whiskey appeared around the same time as drinking begins. It seems that the owner of the rider house had invited some of the neighbors. That whiskey that you bring with your neighbor seems to be OK! 

gold label

It's delicious. It's 18 years old. I used to drink well, but whiskey after a long time is delicious. Naturally at Rock ...

Among them, 2 neighbors participate with 3 people. I also enjoyed drinking and I enjoy talking about various people. I forgot the time. 

gold label

Tightening of the motti boiled party is handmade by the owner, fried noodles for men. Cabbage is big. 


I started drinking cooked today. Let's get up tomorrow properly. 

sleeping bag


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I thought that Atsukawa was near Atami. It is different. Almost Shimoda & Minami Izu. The sea is beautiful. The place where the clouds hang is the Amagi Plateau where I stayed last night. Let 's go all the way along the seas as the weather is good today!

Atagawa South Izu coastline



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