As I came along the Pacific Ocean, Kansai entered from Wakayama. Since I was setting a drinking party with acquaintances in Osaka / Kyoto, I entered the inland to Osaka / Kyoto, Shikoku via Awajishima ran along the sea.


●Wakayama Prefecture

Wakayama Prefecture

Honshu's southernmost point · Shionomisaki 

Honshu's southernmost point · Shionomisaki

●Osaka prefecture

I lived by relocation in the past (before 2000). Only around the point of nostalgia. Drinking party with acquaintance. Nostalgic.

Osaka prefecture

Osaka Castle. Is it the biggest in the castle that is present at the moment?

Osaka Castle


I also made a promise with a acquaintance (junior) for a drinking party so I went from Osaka to Kyoto.
I wanted to do sightseeing in Kyoto, but I am the best tourist destination in Japan. I can not stop by going all the way. I stayed in the vicinity of acquaintance and drinking party. 


I eat Kyo Kaiseki & Sushi at the river bed in Kyoto. 

I eat Kyo Kaiseki & Sushi at the river bed in Kyoto.



●Hyōgo Prefecture

I returned to Kyoto (Inland), but for the time being, I went from Kyoto to Kobe. 

It is difficult from here. I would like to go to Sanyo (the Seto Inland Sea such as Hiroshima), and ahead (a camping trip along the sea). Boundary of the route. 

But, having a policy of traveling is still strong! Although hesitated a little, he did not hesitate to Shikoku via Awajishima. 

Hyōgo Prefecture

I stayed at the camping place of the National Leave Village. It's not quite cheap and the market price is around 1,500 yen. However, maintenance is done as it is. So ok? 

I stayed at the camping place

●Tokushima Prefecture

In a journey aiming for the tip (in a journey not going to the Seto Inland Sea) Tokushima is a bit of a passing. First is Muroto Cape.

●Kochi Prefecture

Kochi Prefecture is a treasure trove of the tip of Shikoku (Cape Muroto / Ashizuri Cape). The weather was terrible but I played quite well. Stay at the station on the road called Ryoma's holiday Ginko at the railway Kochi from east to west.

Kochi Prefecture

Hostel in a park near Tosa-shimizu

Hostel in a park near Tosa-shimizu

●Ehime Prefecture

Worrying about how to get into Kyushu anyway. It is quite a long way to pass through Honshu. Shortcut by ferry!

Ehime Prefecture

A homestay at Yawatahama Port Ferry Station.

A homestay at Yawatahama Port Ferry Station.


Update 2014/10/01  Visit 2014/05/28~06/04



Next itinerary

■Business Hotel Kushimoto

I'm blowing away from Ise. On the way, the mountain road on the eastern side of the Kii peninsula was very scary. The way along the coast where I approached Wakayama was also dark and I was afraid.

Business Hotel Kushimoto



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