■Hotel Kansai (11th night)

I promised a drinking party at Osaka era old friend and Umeda. Therefore, I stopped the motorcycle and went for a drink and stayed at a business hotel where I could go to sleep.

Business hotel I searched on the net. It is 3,900 yen and it is very cheap. The lobby was also impressive. Because of cheap hotel there were lots of foreigners.

Hotel Kansai

Hotel Kansai



●Room narrow and window free

Tax included 3,900 yen. There is no window and it is really narrow. Well it's like this.

Hotel Kansai

Commemorative photo after a drinking party in a friend, Kanchan, Tomon and Nabio Hankyu of the Osaka era. was fun. Even though we get old with each other, personality and old tales do not change.

Hotel Kansai


Update 2014/07/30  Visit 2014/05/29



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■Big Boy Ikeda

Leaving the business hotel in Osaka · Umeda, on the way to Kyoto, at the daytime a family called Big Boy? I encountered. It seems there is also in the metropolitan area, but since I have never been few, I went and saw it.



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