■Junior's House (12th nights)

What time will it be when I returned to my junior's house? When I got home, my futon was cut. My juniors' wife would have laid it.

Junior's house





●I slept like a school trip. & (Nostalgic.)

1)Turn off the light and go to bed regime, but talk in the dark.

Because he is a junior, there are plenty of interesting stories, at that time, he is ○ × △, I'm a ha ha!

2)The story goes more and more.

To each other, "Oh, yes, that time!

3)Responses are narrowed further.

Oh ~! Yeah yeah?

Eventually a deep sleep ...


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Next itinerary

Buy a filter with camera

I was looking for a camera filter. It is not sold at home electronics mass retailers. Kitamura of the camera? Is there a place here? I dropped in.

Kitamura of the camera



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