■Kanmon Tunnel

Finally both are Kitsuya. I cross the main island at the gate gate tunnel which is the lower road. I wonder if it is quite a long time? It is a little uneasy because it seems to be a long tunnel even though it is a downhill road.

●Space outside the toll gate

There is a device to measure the weight of the truck, and a management office. So I got a little baggage.

Kanmon Tunnel

There it is from the entrance of the tunnel. One-lane face-to-face traffic.

Kanmon Tunnel



●Bye bye to Kyushu

Various memories were made. Thank you very much. I will return to Honshu. How nice. Fuku no mouth.

Kanmon Tunnel


Update 2014/10/01  Visit 2014/06/25



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From Kyushu to Fukui, I entered San'in (Shimane) from Hiroshima and aimed at Fukui by the sea. The main trunk line is National Route 7 (San'in way). When entering Hokuriku (Fukui), it turns into National Highway No. 8.




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