Tohoku (Japan Sea side)

From nigata go north on Route 7 and head toward Aomori (Ferry Terminal). Although there were not much good structures, I thought that it was a peaceful and good place.

From Niigata to Aomori

●Niigata prefecture · Road station · Ginbayashi

Niigata prefecture · Road station · Ginbayashi

Engine stop and Stuck 

Engine stop and Stuck



●Yamagata Prefecture · Kamayazaka

Yamagata Prefecture · Kamayazaka

●Yamagata Prefecture · JR Sakata Station

Yamagata Prefecture · JR Sakata Station

●Akita prefecture · JR Akita station

Akita Shinkansen · Komachi

●Aomori Prefecture (Crossing to Hokkaido = ferry only)

I also did so but it was not surprisingly known how to go to Hokkaido. I thought that I could cross the Seikan tunnel by bike. The Seikan tunnel is exclusively for trains, and there are only ferries to cross Hokkaido by car / bike.

It is close to the distance that Aomori ~ Hakodate has two routes in Hakodate
1: Aomori ~ Hakodate (Tsugaru Strait Ferry) 2: Oma - Hakodate (Tsugaru Strait Ferry)

Tsugaru Strait Ferry (Blue Mermaid)


Update 2015/01/01  Visit 2014/07/23



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Hotel  alphare 1

I ran along the coast of the pouring Joetsu, finally arrived in the city Joetsu city. There was a hotel properly. Check in at the hotel which is the most safe hotel alpha one. It was difficult to say that I wanted to say that I am grateful.

Hotel  alphare 1