Hokkaido is wide. Why do not you attack it? After all it has strong policy. Follow the policy of this journey, try attacking the major city, early in the clockwise direction.

Route with major sightseeing spots in Hokkaido

★How to run Hokkaido · Enjoy

Deer pops attention 

●Donan-Hakodate terminal

Donan · Hakodate terminal

●Donan-Osyamanbe Onsen




●Douou-Toya Lake

Douou-Toya Lake

Douou-Kani honke

Douou-Kani honke

●Douhoku-Windmill by the Oloron Highway


●Northernmost of japan Cape Soya

Northernmost of japan Cape Soya

●Doutou Abashiri Jail

Doutou Abashiri Jail

●Douto-Easternmost of japan Nosappu misaki

Easternmost of japan Nosappu misaki


Update 2014/10/01  Visit 2014/07/10~17



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■How to run Hokkaido · Enjoy

Beautiful sky, majestic horizon, straight stretch road, no signal. Hokkaido is a rider heaven. However, unlike the mainland, there are also dangerous points. Let 's enjoy the journey safely and happily understand there. 

Deer pops attention



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