▼Rider house · fisherman's shop

I went to a rider house named "fisherman's shop" I taught at the Pippu rider house. The recommended point is ...

· Eat delicious meal at 2,000 yen and sleep
· In the evening shopkeeper acts sake. It was that.

●there were

I made a reservation, but I relieved to find a dubious sign.

Rider house "fisherman's shop"

●Rider house "fisherman's shop"

On the first floor, a meal shop / kitchen? Seafood processing plant? It is quite large. We accepted the reception and paid 2,500 yen. (Was not that 2,000 yen? Was the consumption tax price rising? Well it's okay.

Rider house "fisherman's shop"

The second floor is the rider house part. There is a place where the ceiling is low, but it is wide. (There was about 20 tatami mats, and the futon was free lending.

Rider house "fisherman's shop"

There is a table that seems to be a living room in its wide 20 mats. Will you drink alcohol here?

After receiving the explanation as a whole, I was told that I should eat rice (17: 00) to the cafeteria part. It is early! It can not be helped, it is the region of the northernmost tip of Japan ...

Rider house "fisherman's shop"

There is a big flag on the flag, and the meal seems to be good.

Rider house "fisherman's shop"

I came! Upon bowl! Although it did not like it so much, it is truly "a fisherman's shop!" It is fresh or not fishy, is not it! (Once, looking at the menu of the store it was 1,600 yen)

Rider house "fisherman's shop"



●Walk around the neighborhood after eating meals

I tried walking around the neighborhood after having eaten meal. First of all check geography. I'm coming to Wakkanai, Cape Kuroba (shabu shimisaki) reaching Soya Cape in the northernmost tip of Japan. Do not make a mistake. Cape Shirasaki (Cape Rosepu) is the eastern tip of Hokkaido, here is a cold cloth near the northern end of Hokkaido (shop)! There is also a ferry to Rishiri.

Wakkanai Eisen national fishing port park

Wakkanai police station · Nogu cloth station

Wakkanai Lighthouse

Wakkanai Lighthouse

●Behavior of shopkeepers

When I came back from a walk, around 18:00, the shopkeeper was lying in front of the store ...

"Everyone, did you have a meal?"
"Everyone, have you gone a bath?"
"Drink a little?" I've been waiting!

The shop owner had two sake bottles of paper packs and a convenience store bag.

Drink in the hall

The shopkeeper (which is said to be a repeater, so-called ridge bridge) was doing something like a black crown, and sat on the upper seat with a servant. To that force, everyone is sitting on the right side. I also sit in a seat.

But, it will be a little relaxing based on the toast of "Everyone! Let's drink!"

One of the shopkeepers' convenience store bags is dried fish. It goes well with sake. And as the shop owner says, like the crab, it is said that when you eat this out, you will none at all.

The talk slowly rises while becoming silent.

※ Because it is the shopkeeper's favor, it is not necessarily every night. Please note.

Hokkaido · Wakkanai city · fisherman's shop

The second one of shopkeeper 's convenience store bag is a cicada. In addition to recently it is a high-grade food, says it can sell for about 3,000 yen in this pack. Even in Hokkaido, the Chinese are going to buy well.

I tried to eat horribly, but it looked like salted fish of squid and it was delicious and it was delicious.

Hokkaido · Wakkanai city · fisherman's shop

The talk got even more exciting and I got more excited when I got a map of Hokkaido I had. But the story of the shopkeeper remained in my mind.

· I'm doing a rider house from the time of the old bubble. When I was in the bubble, more than 10 people stayed on weekdays.
· I have never been out of Wakkanai with a real fisherman. I do not mean to go out.
· But I like listening to the trip of travelers, I still do it. Wow ~ cool!

Hokkaido · Wakkanai city · fisherman's shop

When the shopkeeper is around 21:00, it will be a good opening with "I have fishes tomorrow ...".

Again these places are drunk and noisy, it is often said that complaints from neighborhood occur.

Everyone who heard such a story began to clean up with a club activity system and became beautiful. Let's sleep!

Hokkaido · Wakkanai city · fisherman's shop

How long have you been doing? Sleeping on futons! It is tasty, fun talk, and sound.

Hokkaido · Wakkanai city · fisherman's shop

●The breakfast of the next morning

Look! This volume! A thick salmon? Shake I am full of morning.

Hokkaido · Wakkanai city · fisherman's shop

After 8:00 in the morning, the store owner 's wife takes a commemorative photo when everyone leaves. I thought that such heart usage is glad.


●Absolutely recommended "Summary of rider house · fisherman's shop"

Place Hokkaido · Wakkanai city · Noshappu near the cape
Price Overnight, about 2,500 yen
Dinner Seafood set meal of about 1,500 yen
Behavior of shopkeepers Fun talk, nice knob
Going to bed I can sleep in a futon.
Breakfast Volume full point

Although it was on the eating log, I think that it is best to go by motorcycle and stay here.



Update 2016/03/23  Visit 2014/07/13



Next itinerary

Cape Noshap

After entering the shop of a fisherman and a rider house, I took a walk in the neighborhood (Cape No Shap) after having a meal. The weather is bad and the sun is dying, so the picture is bad but I thought it was a beautiful place when it was a fine daytime.

Cape Noshap



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