■Head for the Oma by ferry

When I came, Aomori ⇒ Hakodate, so let's go with Hakodate ⇒ Oma! I think that it is the iron rule of the trip to go back on a different road from the time of coming, and this one is cheaper.

●Ferry aboard

I left the Hakodate health lands and got on a ferry departing 9:00.

I wanted to go to Hakodate's tourist attraction, Goryokaku, but it can not be helped.

The previous motorcycle is also a traveler. I am a little happy.

Ferry aboard

The bike roughly enters the ferry ahead of the car. Because the reason can be stopped at the edge of the ship.

But! that! Come and come, in the middle?

Ferry aboard

But after all it is fine. Truly a ferry of Hokkaido - Honshu. There were a lot of motorcycles.

Ferry aboard

Climb the escalator from the parking yard. Even though it may be a staircase separately.

Ferry aboard

It was a small ferry, but the inside is pretty beautiful.

Ferry aboard

The next ferry went out.

Ferry aboard



●Ferry departure port

Hakodate terminal. Is this angle cooler?

Ferry departure port

The trajectory of the ship is also nice.

The trajectory of the ship is also nice.

Mount Hakodate (night view viewing spot). I went there last night but it's quite expensive.

Mount Hakodate


Update 2015/11/01  Visit 2014/07/18



Next itinerary

■Tohoku / Kanto

From Hokkaido take a ferry with me. From there, I ran to the sea side of Tohoku and returned to Saitama by National Route 4 from Fukushima.




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