■Hakodate port at night

I came to the center of a million dollar night view seen from Mt. Hakodate. Why is it beautiful? Because it is lit up with orange street lights on.

●Red brick warehouse town?

Basically it is a warehouse town because it is a harbor. And because it is a place with history, red brick. It is making it a sightseeing spot.

Hakodate port at night

There are street lights also in the warehouse and are lighted up.

Hakodate port at night

I heard that he was doing here.

Hakodate port at night



●Were you closed on weekdays?

There were plenty of eateries on the sea side, but almost closed. There were many stores practicing band performance.

Hakodate port at night

●Ship / Yacht

The voice of a foreigner was from the yacht. It seems that people are drinking with each other. I feel exoticism is good.

Hakodate port at night

Hakodate port at night


Update 2015/11/01  Visit 2014/07/17



Next itinerary

Hakodate Health Center / Yutori (60th night)

Today, I dropped about 450 km from Obihiro, and still played until late at night. Let 's slowly at the health land that we confirmed in the day during the day.

Hakodate Health Center / Yutori



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