■JR Obihiro Station

Obihiro Station (Hiroe Kiki) is a station of Hokkaido Railway (JR Hokkaido) Nemuro Main Line, located in the 2nd Higashi 2-chome, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido. The station number of JR Hokkaido is K31. Telegram abbreviation is Oro.

It is the representative station of Obihiro city, and all trains including express super "Super Oshara" and "Super Takachi" stop. "Super Taka" is the station's first and final arrival. There is a taxi stand, Obihiro station bus terminal, and it is a transportation node.

JR Obihiro Station

The station buildings were all new.

JR Obihiro Station

JR Obihiro Station



●Find a hotel!

But why is the weekend cheaper than weekday? It's usually the opposite!

JR Obihiro Station

There were a lot of hotels around the station.

JR Obihiro Station

But it seems there is an Internet cafe, so I will do there.

JR Obihiro Station


Update 2014/10/01  Visit 2014/07/16



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Free space Obihiro store

It was quite far from Obihiro station. Have you run for about 20 minutes on a motorcycle? The current time is 20:30. It's just a good time to enter the net cafe. If it comes out within 12 hours it will cut 2,000 yen!

But unusually, the bike tour was stopped. I am a little happy.



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