■Eruption Bay Panorama Park

The expressway is close to the end soon. I dropped a little to the "Funami Bay Panorama Park" which was in front of it. What is a panorama park?

●What is the Funka Bay Panorama Park?

"Fountain Bay Panorama Park" opened in Heisei 2006 as "Experience and Hill of Exchange" to meet a nice landscape.

A wide 62.7ha park, built on a gentle hill where you can overlook the Funka Bay (Uchiura Bay), there are plenty of facilities to enjoy from small children to elderly people!

Furthermore, because Yakumo parking area of the highway is adjacent, it is excellent as a break facility in the middle of a trip.

Not only to play, food is also fulfilling!

Visitor Center "Panorama Kan" 's "Panorama Cafe", including stores specializing in food. For those who want to spend more time, how is Auto Resort Yakumo?

When you lie down on the grass while watching the sky full of starry sky, the tiredness of work also blows off. Play · Turn · Eat · Move. It is a park where you can experience such things easily. It seems that.

Eruption Bay Panorama Park

●Building is new

Eruption Bay Panorama Park

Eruption Bay Panorama Park

There was also such a thing. It seemed to be different from panorama park.

Eruption Bay Panorama Park



●The building is full of nature

Just for one thing, it's rather expansive. I do not know what this is unless I see the homepage.

Eruption Bay Panorama Park

Eruption Bay Panorama Park

Eruption Bay Panorama Park

Eruption Bay Panorama Park


Update 2015/11/01  Visit 2014/07/17



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■JR Hakodate Station

I confirmed tonight 's lodging place (Hakodate' s healthy land), hang around the neighborhood, look at the night view of Hakodate, let 's have a good day! First of all, haunt Hakodate, the gateway to Hokkaido.

JR Hakodate Station



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