■Road Station Saroma Scallop Curry Inadequate

I went to a place where I could not pass through Lake Saroma and I was satisfied. Lake Saroma, however, is not it? There are too many facilities and shops that endowed the character of Saroma. I understand I will give you about the station on the way.

●Road Station Saroma

What is a specialty? In that sense I am looking forward to the station on the road.

Road Station Saroma



What is Saloman Blue?

What is Saloman Blue?

●Hotate Curry

Lake Saroma specialty scallops / curry? Let's eat if it says so much!

Appearance seems to the effect, but it was not very tasty. Scallops were slightly fishy.

Hotate Curry


Update 2015/11/01  Visit 2014/07/15



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Abashiri Prison

Speaking Abashiri Prison, the image of an extremely cold land, the most northern prison in Hokkaido is common. It seems that it is a cold place, but what a pleasant place is if you come in summer?

Abashiri Prison



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