■Hakodate Health Center / Yutori (60th night)

Today, I dropped about 450 km from Obihiro, and still played until late at night. Let 's slowly at the health land that we confirmed in the day during the day.

●Outline of Hakodate Health Center · Yu-ri

A bathing facility that became a hot spring facility since the spring of 2013. It is familiar to local people in Hakodate. Fountain quality is sodium · calcium - chloride fountain. Although it is adding water for high temperature, three bath tubs of high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature are prepared so that you can choose hot water according to your preference and skin. Since rest areas and meals are also substantial, slowly put in many times.

【Navi Information】 Hakodate City Showa 3 - chome 22-1 TEL 0138 - 42 - 211 1
[Sales] 24 hours (cleaning time 4: 00-7: 00) Closed holiday Tuesday 1st (depending on month)
【Price】 ~ 1,900 yen (weekdays / adults 600 yen Saturdays and Sundays public holidays Special / day for adults 700 yen, less than elementary school students free late night surcharge ※ 1 person staying after midnight 1200 yen added)

Hakodate Health Center / Yutori

The interior of the hall was beautiful enough. There were more local people than travelers.

Hakodate Health Center / Yutori





●I got tired but I was fulfilling. To drink slowly

I ran all day today. Obihiro - It is approximately 450 km to Hakodate here. If you get tired from bathing it will be draft beer!

Hakodate Health Center / Yutori

Speaking of Hakodate Ika! Therefore salted squid. Something different was delicious.

Hakodate Health Center / Yutori

●I slept well last night.

Take a ferry early in the morning today! Do you want breakfast or breakfast?

Hakodate Health Center / Yutori

The appearance of the picture was fine, but the skin was delicious. What is this fish.

Hakodate Health Center / Yutori


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Next itinerary

■Head for the Oma by ferry

When I came, Aomori ⇒ Hakodate, so let's go with Hakodate ⇒ Oma! I think that it is the iron rule of the trip to go back on a different road from the time of coming, and this one is cheaper.

Ferry aboard



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